Melanin Book Club

Books are the most important source of knowledge.  We find our history in books. We find salvation and a sense of ourselves through the words and experiences of Black writers. Reading has become a vital part of my life’s journey in educating myself and learning about African culture and history. Our ancestors have some amazing stories to tell. We must be constantly reading for education and for enlightenment!

Let’s get back to the books!

The goal of Melanin Book Club is to create an environment where Black people can gather to openly and consciously discuss various book selections and related topics and issues affecting people of color.  We select titles from a wide range of Black authors and intellectuals and/or on Black culture, content, and history then gather each month to share critical ideas, thoughts, and actions

Books and Melanin Book Club merchandise will be available for purchase — coming soon!

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Melanin Book Club began exclusively as an online book club that engaged young Black readers from all across the country.  We began meeting in-person each month in the summer of 2015 in Chicago’s Hyde Park at black-owned venues to hold conscious, thought-provoking dialogue.

We are creating a profound platform of Black readers and intellectuals.  This community provides opportunities for readers to explore local libraries and bookstores and give us an opportunity to engage and examine each others thoughts.  We dive deeply into the pages of books and become enthralled in depth and conversation. We challenge our ideals and very often see life in a new light.  This is what Black books give us.

Welcome to the Melanin Book Club.

As we continue to grow, we thank our readers, followers, and members and the community that helps us flourish.

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Melanin Book Club

Happy Reading!



Melanin Book Club

Reading List 2015-2016

Here are the books that we’ve been reading and the authors that we’ve been exploring. Clink the link the read reviews and find out why we chose the book.  Find us on GoodReads as Melanin Book Club!

Young, Gifted and Black by Lorraine Hansberry


Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin


Nigger by Dick Gregory


*Favorite Book Selection Month*

Recommendation: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


*Summer Self-Selection Month*

Recommendation: Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freiro


The Spook Who Sat By The Door by Sam Greenlee


The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

Racism Rides the Metro, too (The Fire Next Time)


We Real Cool by bell Hooks

We Real Cool : A Conversation between Black Men and Women


Between The World and Me by Ta-Neisi Coates


God Help The Child by Toni Morrison


Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

2 thoughts on “Melanin Book Club

  1. From Niggas To Gods Pt. I & II
    Visions For Black Men
    Behind The Mask Of The Strong Black Woman
    No Crystal Stair
    The Morehouse Mystic: Lessons To Develop Black Men
    The Mis-Education of the Negro
    The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept a textbook/workbook for Thought, Speech and/or Action for Victims of Racism (White Supremacy)


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