things i’ve learned while walking

  1. sex is primarily spiritual and secondarily physical.
  2. build with me
  3. Jhene Aiko. Souled Out. on repeat.
  4. The media attention surrounding Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice is intentional.
  5. Ferguson is gaining international attention
  6. U.S. will succumb to it’s own world-wide destruction
  7. what’s done in the dark always comes to light
  8. education must be the foundation
  9. if the food is genetically modified, does it genetically modify us?
  10. ebola virus is human made. hiv/aids is human made. let’s not forget that when the media outlets and government officials claim not having a cure. it’s chemical warfare.
  11. The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, one of the most thought-provoking books i’ve read to date.
  12. black love is a revolutionary act (the war)
  13. like water for chocolate city
  14. if we aren’t constantly building, then we are destroying, period
  15. w.a.y.s
  16. off with their heads
  17. write it on paper then speak it into the universe
  18. the only way to grow is to, upon noticing them, fight against our own dysfunctions
  19. people are waking up.
  20. book club coming soon. mentoring group coming soon. everything is soon to come.
  21. when we are walking in our purpose, in the direction of our dreams, Allah reveals all things to us.
  22. pretty bird, you’re so pretty, but why i never see you fly?


Things I’ve Learned While Walking is a book written by Daunte Henderson which inspires young people to reflect on their day-to-day walk through life: “Walking is a metaphorical concept for life. You learn a lot by the very physical nature of walking. Walking allows you to reflect and dissect the world around you.”

Every Sunday, I will post my list of things i’ve learned on my walk through life that week. I encourage you to reflect on your week by creating your own lists, which can include absolutely anything that you’ve learned, relearned, or thought of. If you can relate to anything on my list, feel free to share your thoughts and share your lists with me as well by joining the discussion below.

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The Power of Melanin

If you were wondering, “what is melanin?” Let me share this piece of enlightenment with you, taken directly from Blacked Out Through Whitewash by SuZar (Dr. S. Epps) and other research related to melanin.

Your brain and body can’t function without Black Melanin! Few people know that Melanin, the pigment that colors the skin and hair, is found in almost every organ of the body and is necessary in order for the brain and nerves to operate, the eyes to see, and the human body to reproduce! At the core of your brain is found the “locus coeruleus,” a structure that is BLACK because it contains large amounts of (neuro) Melanin which is essential for it to operate! In fact, all the most crucial brain structures are heavily melanized! Melanin in the brain increases from the lower primates and reaches its peak in the BLACK HUMAN.tumblr_mw27gqYDmi1rjf9tco1_1280

“All humans possess this Black internal brain evidence of their common Black African Origin. The All Black neuro-melanin nerve tract of the brain is profound proof that the human race is a Black race, with many variations of Black, from Black-Black to White-
Black, all internally rooted in a vast sea of Brain Blackness.” Dr. Richard King

* Melanin is the chemical key to life itself!

* It is the major organizing molecule for living systems!

* It’s found everywhere! — in animals, plants (that’s why raisins are brown), soil, oceans,
clouds even stars and comets!

* It is essentially linked to the DNA of the genes!

* It shows the potential to reproduce itself! Continue reading

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Saturday Documentary Feature: Malcolm X: Make it Plain

Continue reading

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Free Angela Davis & All Political Prisoners

Yesterday, I attended a screening of “Free Angela Davis & All Political Prisoners” at Nineteenth Street Baptist ChurchIMG_8676 in Washington, DC presented by the Smithsonian, National Museum of African American History & Culture (opening in 2016).  The event featured a discussion with Angela Y. Davis, PH.D and Shola Lynch, the producer of the documentary.

I had already seen the documentary a few months ago, so imagine my eagerness to see Angela Davis in person speaking on it!   Continue reading

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QUOTE: James Baldwin

“To be Black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage.” 

This is me. today and on most days.  by rage, i don’t necessarily mean hostile anger (and i don’t believe Baldwin meant that either) albeit it may get there at times, lol. Continue reading

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September 11, 2014 · 7:17 pm

Public Humiliation of the Black Man & Black Family

A few months ago, upon hearing the comments by Stephen A. Smith in regards to the domestic violence incident surrounding NFL-player Ray Rice and his then fiancé, Janay, I took to facebook to share my opinion and discuss the issue of domestic violence/victim blaming with friends and whomever cared enough to comment. Read it here: The Role of Women in the Provocation of Domestic Violence: Victim Blaming.

Now that the video of Ray Rice surfaces through TMZ, ultimately causing Ray Rice to be terminated from the NFL, I’ve realized that this situation is a lot deeper that I originally gave thought to. Continue reading


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